Traveling around the world is one of my favorite hobbies. Pictures and short informations concerning some of my trips you can see below.

Norway, August 1995 Another nice place in the north of Europe is the fjordland of Norway. The homeland of the Vikings is an excellent aim for vacation. In contrary to the overcrowded beaches in the south of our continent disperse the 5 million of inhabitants and the arising stream of tourists in the width of the country. The objects of interest are widespread. When somebody is familiar with history, art or culture, can Oslo, Bergen and Alesund offer a lot of stuff. But the non-recurring nature presents it-self with waterfalls, glaciers, fjords and much more, and overrules everything made by man. Very remarkable is the Preklestolen nearby Stavanger. This rock platform allows for brave persons a straight 600 meter look, straight down of course. So be careful and mind the gap. The joy rides along the narrow coast roads are not healthy for people with weak nerves, but an interesting trainee for driving license candidates. I didn't see any elk in Norway, although I used a Mercedes bus for travel [Picture: Geiranger, the king of the fjords]. 

Scotland, June/July 1997 Scotland is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. In the mind of many people exist a lot of images about this country and its inhabitants (kilts and stinginess), but this is not the total truth. Nevertheless the flocks of sheep's are present everywhere. The marvellous isles (e.g. Skye, Mull and Staffa) and the lonesome Glens on the west coast retained at least a small part of freedom which is not present in the hectic metropolis, although a visit of Edinburgh is necessary for every tourist.

Portugal, April 1997 The land in the west of Europe is for the most people only the Algarve region. This place offers a lot for golf players and sun tourists, but it is not representative for the whole country. In the huge cities Lisboa and Porto a real mishmash of people, history and culture is present everywhere. Over all you can feel something of the oriental flair which was brought by the Moorish occupation during the middle ages. Outside the towns many cork oaks and orange trees line the streets especially in the Alentejo.

USA - Southwest, October 1998 America the land of dreams. Every human being should at least one time in his life visit this part of the world. The country is so large that even four weeks are not enough time to see more than small piece. On our round-course of about 4000 miles length, we visited national parks (Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Sequoia, Yosemite and Joshua Tree) as well as big cities (Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego).

USA/Canada -Northeast, September 1999 This year I visited the Atlantic side of North America. The journey started in New York and included the urban areas of Boston, Halifax (Novia Scotia), Quebec-City, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa as well as the scenic Niagara falls and different National parks (e. g. Algonquin, Kejimkujik). 

Crete, June 2000 The sand beaches of this greek island offer a beautiful atmosphere for relaxation. Also a lot of historical places are nearby.

Sweden - In the North again, August 2000 until November 2001 After my trip to Norway in 1995 was Sweden one of my next favorites on the list. I like the beautiful nature in Skandinavia and the nice people. In August 2000 I got the opportunity to work as a post-doc in Linköping - a town about 150 kilometers south-west of Stockholm. In contrast to my previous visits to other countries have I now a real chance to get in touch with the inhabitants. English helps a lot and I try to improve my skills in Swedish. In my opinion is this language something between German and English. I visited Stockholm, Göteborg and the surrounding of Linköping, also a short trip to Helsinki (Finland) was possible [Picture: Katthult court].

France/Paris - August 2002 This year my girl friend suggested to visit the capital city of France. The town is really the city of love and 4 days are not enough to see all of it.

Sweden/Linköping - May 2003

Again a short trip in the north. After visiting some old friends we stayed another day in Stockholm.

Italy/South Tyrol - September 2004

We enjoyed hiking in the alps and visiting Meran.

Denmark/Kopenhagen - Sweden/Malmö - July 2007 After our churchly wedding we made a short trip in this beautiful capital city.Kopenhagen offers really a lot for people that are interested in art,history and fun. [Picture: Oeresund bridge]

The Netherlands/Amsterdam - June 2008

After visiting some friends in the Ruhrpott region, we used the chance to go for a short trip to Holland. Traveling along the channels of Amsterdam and visiting the Van Gogh exhibition was very exciting.

Japan/Tokyo - November 2008

During my business trip to Japan, my collegues showed me some highlights of the capital city (Tokyo Tower, Meiji shrine and Roppongi hills).  

Ireland/Ennis - May 2009

The green island in the west of Europe offers a lot of new impressions for visitors.

Turkey/Istanbul - Oktober 2011

The city located on two continents was a really great short trip. History meets modern life.

Beijing/China - June 2012

My job allows me to travel sometimes around the world. This time I had a business trip to China. Beijing is a very interesting place. The capital city of China combines modern life with very old history.

Dubai / UAE - December 2013

This year my wife and I traveled to Dubai. This town surrounded by sand really tries to catch superlatives. Visiting Burj Khalifa and the view "At the top" from the 124th floor was very impressive. We liked the aquariums in the Dubai Mall and the Atlantis lost chambers and the beach view with the Burj al Arab. Skiing in the Dubai mall and going for a swim with dolphins was impressive.
But also the Dubai museum, old soak and taking a short boat tour over the Creek was an experience.

The world tallest building is 828m high.

Yokohama / Japan - November 2014

Visiting an exhibition allowed some time for sight-seeing in the second large city of Japan. Especially the view to Mt. Fuji was impressve.

To be continued...

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